The audience once again broke out into enthusiastic applause, Barnabas Bixby Rhoades the Incomparable Practitioner of the Sacred Arts tipped his bowler hat to their accolades, the curtain fell, and the show ended.

Death Must Die: A Review of FIGHT by Preston Sprinkle

Approaching the idea of non-violence by thoroughly inhabiting and dwelling in the world of the Bible is essential to Sprinkle’s argument. He has no case if his study of the Bible is incorrect. In this way his stance is completely and totally Christian. If the Bible is wrong or if he is wrong about it, then his belief in no-violence, his distaste for militarism, and his appeal to the crucified Christ are all baseless and empty.

Well Now What?

If Trump is somehow able to display and embody of selflessness, compassion, and commitment as President he may yet lead well and surprise many of us. But if not, it becomes all the more important that we Christians embody them ourselves.