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Trend-esday: 10-01-14

Trend-esday: 10-01-14

Every Wednesday I take a snapshot of what’s trending from one of the more popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google and use it as the basis for one of three literary devices: a poem, a short story, or a short article. Every topic has to be referenced at least once and it has to be 500 words or less.


Today’s Trend-esday Offering comes from Twitter:

“Operation #Nashandsky is a go. Ebola is coming, and we have to stop it.”

Head of the Secret Service Julia Pierson dropped the phone back into its cradle and turned her attention to the file sitting her desk. Cuteness was the only known defense against Ebola. She only hoped Nash and Sky were up to the task.

“How confident are we in this intel, boys?”

Two agents flanked her desk and neither one acted eager to answer. She would call one by name and put him on the spot, but she couldn’t remember what either one’s name was. She couldn’t remember what any of them were named, they all looked exactly alike. The movies got that part right, anyway. Hence…”boys.”

Finally the one on her right-hand side spoke up. “These sources, ma’am, have a good track record. They were the ones that alerted us to the terrorist communiques encoded with the #GBBO tag and algorithm. They’re solid.”

“Those fiends,” Julie hissed under her breath. “Who would have thought such a popular cooking show like the Great British Bake-Off could be used for such nefarious purposes. Danged Brits.”

The agent to the left coughed quietly.

“What is it agent….,” dang, “agent?”

“Ma’am, these sources are good, but not perfect. These are the same people who fed us the bogus intel about the Space Jam remake with LeBron James. And they predicted the Kansas City Royals would make the MLB playoffs this year. Sketchy, ma’am.”

Right-Hand Side Agent spoke up, “Actually, the Royals did make the playoffs.”

Left-Hand’s eyebrows arched, “You serious?”

“Yeah, totally. They beat the Oakland A’s in the Wild Card game.”


Julie slapped her desk with the file, “Can we please get back to threat at the conference?”

Agent Right-Hand pointed to the top page of the file, “Three Tweets from user @KillAllAmericans used the hashtag #Catalyst14 yesterday. Our info says those tweets are encoded with operation instructions for an attack hitting the conference with the Ebola virus. The Texas incident is not isolated.” He rubbed his temple.

“Is something wrong with you head, agent?” Julia was impatient.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I flew in late last night from an operation in New Orleans. Got a bit of a hanover-, eh, headache.”

“Take an aspirin.”

“I’ve already Taken 3. Nothing.”

A light-bulb went off in Julia’s mind. She picked up the phone. “I know what to do, you two get out of here. Go be useful.”

“Want us to check the fence for breaches?”

“Sure, sure, whatever. It’s really tall, I doubt anyone can get over it.”

Agent Left-Hand was to the door before he turned and said, “What about elevator protocol? It hasn’t been updated in some time?”

“Leave it,” Julia dialed a number no one knew but her. “It’s fine. Not like an ex-con is going to ride elevators. They all take the stairs.”

The room cleared, Julie waited for her call to be answered.



A click. A pause.

“Liam? Julia. What are you up to these days?”

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The Photographer

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