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The Photographer

The Photographer


The Photographer


There exist in our lives certain events

occasions and times that are held to be

so vital, we require they be lent

the gravity only achieved by the

presence of the great electronic eye,

wielded by professional hands.               


                                                       The art

of photography, as carried out by

the commercial practitioner, is part

invisibility mix’d together

with omnipresence and the knowledge of

when to snap the shutter. For wherever

the mem’ries are, he must hover above,

around, beneath, or beside so as to

capture them all. He is a part and yet

apart. Seen by all, yet known to a few.

His is the name that most will soon forget,

but it will be by his work that times will

be remembered. He is found in every

moment, but is missing from every still

photograph that strengthen our weak mem’ry.


The truth is the photographer is who

we all wish to imitate. He is one

who sees and captures all that people do

and yet chooses to keep, when he is done,

only those times, moments, and frozen frames

of life that speak of and reflect the best

of things and best of times. His simple aim

is to find and keep precious moments lest

they and all they carry with them become

forgotten once their time has come and gone.

The witnesses of the past will fall mum,

but the simple photographer speaks on.


He is the curator of our mem’ry’s

museum, the keeper of our sacred trust.

In his camera and film he holds the keys

with which to keep secure from mem’ry’s rust

those times in life in which life and meaning

can be found. For if the weakest pen be

greater than ‘membrance’s greatest gleaning

of past events and distant times, then see

that greater still is the power found in

simple photographs set in frames upon

the wall or hidden in albums, bound in

cloth, to keep them safe when all else is gone.


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