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Can There Be Positive Abortion Stories?

Can There Be Positive Abortion Stories?

            I’ll keep this short, not because I don’t think it worth the words but because the more words I let spill on this virtual page he more likely I am to cross a line that I’ve promised to never cross on this blog.

            I’ve promised to never curse, to never launch personal attacks, and to never write something with a tone that I would later regret. That being the case, I have to keep it short or I swear, I’ll break every single one of those rules.

            And I just started this last week!

            I had never heard of Emily Letts until this week. Apparently she has done some acting and now serves as a kind of “abortion doula” at Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey. She was an average person last week and this week she’s famous.

            She ought to be infamous.

            Emily Letts chose to have her child killed in utero, to allow the procedure to be filmed, to upload the video of this atrocity to the internet, and then to write a blog about her “Positive abortion experience” on Cosmopolitan.

            The video is here (I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, in all honesty).

            The article is here.

            Maybe in a few years I will have gotten a better hand on my righteous indignation  and I can engage the above article without screaming, hurling my computer against the wall, and breaking things.

            For right now I can’t

            But I will say this: Emily Lett’s story is not a positive abortion story. A story that begins with a pregnant mother and ends with a childless woman celebrating her child’s death and feeling encouraged about her ability to better do her job is not positive.

            Not by the reckoning of any sane human.

            If we’re going to permit someone to refer to this as a positive abortion story, then we owe O.J. Simpson an apology for being indignant about his “How I Would Have Killed My Wife” book.

            We should also probably go and let the Boston Bomber tell us about his positive mass murder story.

            If that man in Ohio hadn’t killed himself he might could recount his positive sex-slaver story.

            There do exist actual positive abortion stories.

            They're about the abortions that never happened.

            Every infant born in defiance of the odds, every toddler that learns to stand because his mother stood for life, every child that reads about abortion instead of being sacrificed to it, and every life that still goes on despite the words spoken against it is a positive abortion story.

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