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We Are Not Young - A RECLAMATION Entry

We Are Not Young - A RECLAMATION Entry

We are not alone.

Though we are but small group, one tiny fraction of the whole of humanity that live, have lived, or ever will live, we are more than we might appear. We are a church and that means we are a part of a whole, a small piece of a great puzzle.

You see, this church, this body, this community of those who have been transitioned from sinners in the hands of an angry God into saints in the heart of a loving Father, is not as young as it looks.

We are not young.

We are not new

We are aged.

We are ancient.

We are but a fledgling, budding twig on a tree planted before the dawn of time. Fed by roots that run deep and strong through all of time and all of history, roots that soak in and absorb the grace and love that God has shed throughout the ages so that it might be the substance of life to this tree He has planted.

We are held aloft and held in place by an old and sturdy trunk. A shaft scarred and marked by the passing of time and by the attempts of men long-forgotten to crush and break the tree into fodder for their great war machines and fuel for their great industrial engines.

Yet she is not broken.

She is not cast down.

It is this rugged and stalwart body, tested by time and hardened in the fires of adversity and persecution that afford us our height, our view of the world around us, and the assurance that, buffeted as we may be, no storm, no enemy, no forces of this world have ever moved us from the place in which we were planted.

We are compassed about, sheltered, nurtured by, and joined together with many other branches in this ancient tree. Some are old and creak aloud in their aged strength and steady growth. Others are younger and grow with wild abandon, sprouting, splitting, and sprouting anew in rapid, lusty expansion as they twine about and rejoice in their youth. But whether old or young, steady or, as of yet, unpruned, these branches are our brothers and sisters and they join with us in bearing the fruit and demonstrating the nature of this ancient oak. This tree of life.

No, we are not young.

Neither are we new, or alone, or without fortitude. For we are rooted in the annals of time and old as all creation. We are stronger than any wall that man might put around us and stouter than any bands he may use to bind us. And though we are but one budding branch of an old, perhaps forgotten tree, we are the proof of its life, the evidence of its indestructability. For she was established by the Father, fed by the blood of the Son, and kept by the Spirit for all of time.

No, we are not young, alone, or without precedent.

We are the church, the children of the living God, bride of the living Christ, and temple of the living Spirit. And so long as God sits upon His throne, the church will not fall.

            She will live.

            We will live.

            We are the church.

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