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Millennial Church Planter Vows to Only Preach From Graphic Novel Translation of the Bible

San Diego, CA – Cameron Hutton is on a mission from God to make the Bible cool again. And he’s doing it by replacing most of its words with pictures.

“When I got the call, you know, from God to start this church, I knew it had to be special. Knew it had to be different,” Cameron said in a recent Periscope video. “So I prayed, like, a lot and then one day it hit me. Literally, my limited edition of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns fell of my shelf and hit me in the head as I prayed. And that’s when I knew. That’s when I knew God wanted to speak to us through His illustrated word. It’s a new era of revelation.”

Cameron moved to San Diego in the summer of 2015 as a seasonal worker for the city’s Comic Convention. Now, with this newfound calling to plant on a church for and by comic book-lovers, he hopes to use that same annual event as means to attract people to his church.

“People get tired of hearing all the same words from preachers,” Cameron wrote on his church’s new blog, graphic-church.com. “They know all those verses already, so why not illustrate them and update the Word of God for the 21st-century?”

As of right now the church meets in a local Barnes and Noble, huddling together in, you guessed it, the Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga section.

“There’s no doubt in my mind,” Cameron wrote in that inaugural blogpost, “that if God were to give us the Bible today, it would be a graphic novel. Just think how cool that would be? If God had given His word in a way that transcends mere writing?”

Cameron signed-off his post with the church’s current motto:

Graphic Love for a Graphic World.

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