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Pastor Resigns after Congregation Corrects Spelling in Sermon PowerPoint

Hackensack, NJ – Rev. Henry Moore has resigned as pastor of Grace Bible Church in Hackensack after the congregation, en masse, pointed out a misspelled word on his PowerPoint mid-sermon last week.

“I’ve had it,” Rev. Moore explained to us as he packed up his office Monday morning. “I’ve been here over twenty years and I’ve put up with a lot of crap, but not this. Never this.”

Moore went on to explain that in his time at Grace Bible he had endured questions about his preaching style, challenges to his pastoral authority, and even anonymous comments about the color of his ties. “It’s all part of the job,” he admitted, as he placed his “We (HEART) our Pastor!” mug in a box, then took it out and set it on a shelf. “You’ll be called into question, you’ll be falsely accused, heck, you’ll even find out the church has a secret online forum where they mercilessly attack you under really bad and obvious pseudonyms. But you can get through all that.”

The church seems largely non-plussed by Moore’s departure, although a bevy of cards and flowers have been sent to his office and his home.

“But look at ‘em!” He said, as he tossed them into the trash one-by-one. “This one says ‘Thanks for YOU’RE service.’ Here’s one that says, ‘We hate to LOOSE you.’ They’re mocking me!”

Moore says he hopes to find a small church he can serve while also fulfilling his life-long dream of being an online seminary professor. “No one cares about spelling there,” he says. “It’ll be great.

Grace Bible Church has updated their website to reflect their search for a “loving, kind, well-read, and thoroughly qualified man of God to lead teh church.”

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