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Church Descends into Chaos After Pastor’s Wife Admits To Using “smidge of leaven” in Unleavened Bread

Jackson, MS - Second Baptist Church of Jackson has canceled all events and shuttered its offices indefinitely following a tumultuous service meant to feature their quarterly Lord’s Supper observance. Things had gone smoothly for the most part, minus an incident with a Deacon trying to serve without a tie, but that changed as the bread was served.

As the pastor’s wife was handed her square of home-made, unleavened bread, she whispered to her seat mate, that “if you don’t use a little leaven, it just doesn’t taste right.”

Then giggled.

Police were called in to disperse the crowd shortly before noon. Tear gas is rumored to have been used and the SWAT van was seen leaving the parking lot, but it is not known if the team was deployed or merely on-hand in the event of a worst-case scenario.

The pastor could not be reached for comment, but his voicemail was changed to two minutes of non-stop sobbing.

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