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Donald Trump Attacks Russell Moore, Forgetting That He, Too, Is Democratic Double-Agent

Nashville, TN - Democrat in disguise, Hillary Clinton-supporter, and Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee apparently got lost in the moment and attacked ERLC President Russell Moore on Monday. In his continued attempts to lash-out at opponents using ad hominem attacks and poor grammar, Trump lost sight of the fact that, like himself, Moore is also a plant secretly working for the Democratic Party while pretending to be a Christian conservative.

Pastor and former blogger JD Hall, who outed Moore as a dangerous, anti-Christian liberal out to empower women on his now-defunct blog some months back, surmises that Moore’s cover was to thorough and so deep that Trump momentarily lapsed into disbelief and sent the offending Tweet.

“Moore is not a conservative, not a Christian, not a Baptist, and probably uses the bathroom sitting down,” Hall said, “but Trump lost sight of this and took a swing. Could have really cost him if I hadn’t exposed Moore as a lying pod-person on my blog.”

Trump has launched no further attacks against Moore, leading some to believe that his error in attacking a fellow double-agent was corrected by his handler.

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