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Mother’s Day Recognition at Local Church Ends in Congregational Split

Topeka, KS - Covenant Church’s annual tradition of recognizing the mother’s with the most children ended in a church split over whether preference should be given to natural-born children vs adopted ones.

The disagreement began in deacon’s meeting he previous week when someone mentioned that Heather Green’s 6 children by birth were equaled by Mindy Fletcher’s 6 children by birth and adoption. Deacon Elwood Smith believed that preference should be given to Heather’s “hours of additional labor” while Deacon Homer Brand argued that Mindy’s children were “born of a labor of love and not Dugger-inspired ambition.” When Pastor William Johns suggested they both be awarded the ceremonial bouquet and gift card, tension escalated.

The Sunday AM announcer that no special recognition would be offered as “this is not a competition and ought not be treated as such” someone shouted “Make America Great Again!” and the service descended into chaos, ending with approximately half the congregation following Deacon Elwood in leaving the church to start “a congregation that values winners.”

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