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Part I - God

Part I - God

We are persuaded that God exists.

And not only does He exist, but he is the very author of existence and reality. He is the architect of the universe,
the creator of all that is,
the sustainer of all that lives.
There is nothing and no one who can ever exist apart from God,
and God Himself is eternal in his existence.
Without beginning,
without end.
of this we are persuaded.

God is unique, of this we are persuaded.

There is none like Him, in essence or in activity. He is not one among many, but is the One True and Living God.
He alone is worthy, He alone is holy, He alone is able to rule over all Creation with justice and mercy, and grace and truth.
He is sovereign over all time and yet present in every moment.
He is perfect in knowledge , past, present, and future, perfect in character, and perfect in strength.
He is unassailable, immutable, and eternal.

There is no god like our God
of this we are persuaded.

God is triune. Of this we are persuaded.

He is not one God in three shapes, or three gods of one mind,
but is One, perfect, indivisible, benevolent being in three distinct persons.

He is God the Father,
the all powerful, all knowing  Creator.
It is He who reigns, He who sustains, and He looks upon us with fatherly favor.

He is God the Son,
the Word of creation,
the Lamb of salvation,
eternal, yet born, alive though crucified.
It is life that leads us, his death that frees us, and his resurrection that raises us up sin’s grip and death’s grasp.

He is God the Holy Spirit,
the breath of inspiration through which Scripture was given.
the voice of illumination that proclaims Christ within the world and within the believer.
By His working we are baptized into life,
convicted of our sins,
and empowered in our pursuit of holiness.
It is He who intercedes for us at the throne we know not what to speak,
and it is He leads us into righteousness when we not know where to go.

God is the Father, is the Son, and is the Holy Spirit. Three in one, without division. All-powerful, all-good, and all-worthy of our worship.

Of this we are persuaded.

Part II - The Bible

Part II - The Bible